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Welcome to your "one-stop Sims 3 shop"!

This blog is actually a continuation of my Sims 2 blog. I started writing that blog when I got really interested in TS2 (The Sims 2) challenges, and I wanted to have all of my favorite challenges in one place. So I guess I can say my blog started with a focus on Sims 2 challenges. However, the release of the TS3 (The Sims 3) created a frenzy of people, not only asking for Sims 3 challenges, but for places where they could now download the best TS3 CC.

That's when I decided to, not only gather a list of all my favorite Sims 3 challenges, but also sites that were creating the best CC out there. I started with only the sites I used when they created Sims 2 sites. Since their downloads had never caused any problems with my game, I knew I could trust them. As more and more TS3 CC sites arrive on the scene, I try their CC on my game, and only if they're reliable, I'll later add them to my blog.

Of course, as time has gone on, many people started to want specific theme-related CC; myself included. That's why my blog even includes holiday custom content such as Christmas CC. My blog also includes other things that we Simmers like too, but I really try to keep it focused on the most TS3 challenges I find around the Sims 3 community. I even create some challenges from scratch. I do collect legacy challenges, but I mostly like to focus on mini-challenges , because one generational challenges are simply the quickest to complete, and in my opinion just as fun. :)

Remember, my blog is still growing all the time, so please make sure to bookmark and/or "follow" it so you can be sure to find the latest and best TS3 stuff available.

Thanks again for choosing my blog as your "one-stop Sims 3 shop".